At some point in our careers we as creatives are all tested. We’re commissioned for that one project that completely annihilates everything we stand for. Maybe a campaign for smoking or a story board that condones violence or even as simple as the client wants it red and your expertise knows it should be blue. The internal battle of the paycheck vs the persona commences! In theory, the persona always wins, “My dignity is most important!,” but we all know that our bravado isn’t quite that heroic when placed in the hot seat. Those moments when the zeros behind the integer are tempting, particularly in an “economic crisis” when every penny counts.

The questions become, how much of YOU are you willing to sacrifice. Do the benefits of the project outweigh your close-minded perception? Are you just trying to convince yourself that they do when you know if it were someone else you would advice them against the project? Is your dignity supported by a brick wall or a fine line?

How far are you willing to go? Where do you draw the line (or brick wall)?

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