The epitome of unprofessional is not showing up the day of a job, paid or unpaid. I have heard tons of tales and even experienced this myself in this industry by models, makeup artists, and hair stylists alike. There is nothing worse than having a large staff arrive to realize one person is not there resulting in everyone else having to run around like wild chickens looking for a replacement or pick up slack for someone’s failure. It makes the abuser bring down the morale of the team, even if only momentarily. Most importantly it makes them look unprofessional.

We all know emergencies arise unexpectedly, thus it is always best to convey a lateness or absence as soon as it happens or may happen. That’s right, not sure if you’ll be late or unable to show, tell someone on staff anyway so they may begin to prepare in the event you are. Regardless if the job is paid, unpaid, low budget, or charity, we should always put our best foot forward. If you’re late, apologize sincerely. If you have a real emergency and cannot attend, be honest with the staff, especially if you would like to work with them in the future. These small mannerisms can go a long way in making or breaking your career. Everyone’s opinion of your professionalism reflects on your reputation. The more reputable you are, the more people will be lining up to work with you!
*A note to models: The I have a family emergency and have to travel out of town 2 hours before a shoot excuse is wildly known as BS and you will most likely be added to a “Do Not Work With” list. I cannot count how many tales I’ve heard with that similar excuse and we all know word travels fast. 😉

Have some horror stories, share your thoughts in the comment section!

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