Whenever I start web browser, I automatically open a few tabs so I decided to list a few of my favorites!

10. Facebook: Word of mouth has been, and I know will always be, my number 1 referrer, but Facebook has played its part of “proof is in the pudding.” My clients post their images and their contacts then contact me. My Like page has been extremely effective as well.

9. Google Plus: As of late, G+ has stolen my attention as my favorite social network. Lots of awesome artist posts. Join me at http://gplus.to/iamnaymarie!

8. Editorial Photographers: In depth articles with lots of resources.

7. Digital Photographer: Also happens to be one of my favorite magazines to breeze through at Barnes & Noble. Give it a looksee for great articles and good advice.

6. Stylish Web Designer: The best compilations I’ve seen thus far of categorized photography. Posts such as 44 Beautiful Examples of Architectural Photography.

5. Photography Blog: Great blog full of inspirational photography of all genres.

4. My Modern Met: Awesome social community for artists.

3. BrooklynArtProject: My favorite social community for artists (don’t let the name fool, there are creatives from across the globe on this site, but they do host local events from time to time!)

2. 5thGearMultimedia: The most talented and versatile graphic design and illustration company I’ve ever come across! “Never Sacrifice Creativity.”

1. DRUMROLL PLEASE………….. Mine! NayMarie.com: Call it self-appreciation or a shameless plug, but I frequent my site most often to ensure I’m providing a quality product for my clients as well as a quality blogfor my peers.

I also have a very new favorite site that I have the honor of being a featured artist on, but it has not yet been announced to the public. Stay tuned for this one!

Share some of your favorite sites in the comment section below!

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