With the latest cam technologies being user stupefied, everyone wonders has the field of professional photography met it’s grave. The answer is of course not! Fortunately for the pros photography is an art as well as a science and both must be present to create true works. Granted an amateur may be able to snap a great image by luck with their camera’s settings on Auto, but they wouldn’t last a day in the field without the knowledge of lighting, composition, exposure, aperture, ISO, shutter speeds and so on. We’ve all seen the work of a pro and that of a newbie and can typically easily tell the difference, especially when it comes to portraiture.

Clear signs that professional photography has a long ways to go before extinction:
1. Nothing dies if you continue to do it. Plain and simple. The standards may shift, the technology may upgrade, the participants may fluctuate, but as long as there is one pro remaining the field will live on.
2. Imagery is an essential part of marketing. We may not realize it, but photography is all around us and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. When the average consumer thinks professional photographer they see Sears style family portraits or school yearbooks or fashion magazines. They generally fail to realize the marketing ads and material all around them that encompasses some genre of photography. Whether it’s product, fashion, food, etc, some talented photographer has been contracted to create that consumer appeal.
3. There’s a desire for uniqueness. The iPhone72 may take a great photo but nothing beats the creativity and clarity that a professional photographer can produce while fusing art and science.

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