Best Referrers:
The wonderful kin that promotes your services everywhere they go with the purest intentions. They have your business cards and advertisements to handout on cue, they’ve memorized your website, and they wholeheartedly believe your service is the best around.

Worst Clients:
The family member that believes you work for free. They always want an excessive discount, give referrals to other pain the a$$ potentials, and always find a way to belittle your talent while thinking that they’re giving you a compliment.

Take a moment and pick 5 of your closest family members (this includes the non-blood relations as well). Which category do they each fall into? Would you hire them to market your company if you could afford it, or do you wish they would forgot your occupation completely? What percentage do you calculate, closer to 100% Best Referrers or 100% Worst Clients?

If your percentage is nearest to Best Referrers, congratulations! Your family provides you with the #1 marketing tool, word of mouth, at no cost (well, maybe there is SOME cost)! Cherish these members of your life and keep them close. Also be sure to reciprocate the referrals whenever possible.

If your percentage is nearest to Worst Clients, make it your duty to separate your business from your family. They are most likely inappreciative of all of your hard work and haven’t the slightest understanding of the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your company. Instead Surround yourself with those that support your worth.

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