The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo NYC

I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo (U.A.S.E.) with Will Focus! Seeing a lot of the cast of The Last Dragon as well as all of the beautiful Black comic art was so inspiring, Demetrius Angelo did a fantastic job with organizing this event! Will Focus was the designer of most of the banners and did a great job with all of the graphics including the event program and main advertisement! The event started with an expo of the cast and artists at the Midtown Hilton with the cast, including Bruce Leeroy himself Taimak, signing autographs and taking pictures. Then everyone headed over to the AMC Times Square for the viewing of The Last Dragon; the energy in the room was phenomenal! We sat behind the cast so we got to see their reactions as everyone cheered for them when they came on screen. We then broke for a brief bit (dinnertime), and came back for the Award Ceremony where they honored the cast, masters and future masters of the martial arts and action genre as well as artists and film makers who highlight action in their work.  Make sure you view all of the photos to see how great this event was! I definitely look forward to more!

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