It has been almost 1 year and 1 month to date! Yes Tidbit Tuesday is officially back, but now on a biweekly basis (unless I have something dramatically awesomely important to share, which is likely lol). Moving right along to this week’s tidbit:

Ever search online for photography inspiration and come up with nothing you’re looking for? Either you find beautiful images that don’t fit your theme or images within your theme that are completely novice and lack creativity. I personally like to use scrap images as examples when I’m creating moodboards for my photoshoots. I also love to browse the web for gorgeous themed images for event ideas, yet I have the hardest time when I’m looking for something specific, ie White Queen. I’m not talking Anne Hathaway in Alice in Wonderland – although her face fills the first 8 rows when you search on Google – I’m referring to the avant garde fashion fantasy of White Queen.

I searched and searched and the closest I came to a solid source were a few boards on Pinterest. This inspired me to create my own “[Random Number] Creative & Inspiring [Theme] Photos! Today’s post: “13 Creative & Inspiring White Queen Photos”

I’m open to requests for future posts! Enjoy!

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White Queen

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