In this digital age, it seems as if printing has become extinct. Most designers produce digital illustrations and that’s how they remain… digital. Some photographers don’t even offer the option of printing images to their clients. This technological era has everyone uploading and sharing images instantly with friends, family, clients, and even employers. So has printing gone out of the window?

Of course not! We don’t think about it, but we’re exposed to print material everyday. Billboards, posters, even family photos on the wall. They’ve all been printed as stationary impressions for our subconscious to capture. Printing is still relevant and, in some cases, essential. Artists looking for commercial representation should always have a printed portfolio with examples of how their work will convey in project applications. Printed family and friends images have a nostalgic quality that doesn’t come across the same digitally. Photo books of loved ones is a classic gift, especially to the elders. My grandmother always wanted to see my work so I mailed her a hardcover coffee table book; she was ecstatic and it made a great decor piece for her living area.

I have always appreciated my work, but there was no greater satisfaction than seeing it in poster-size. I now keep portfolios for various sections of my collection and it’s a great feeling to not only have clients admire my work, but to browse through it myself and appreciate all of my efforts. Prints are a great upsell as well for photography and graphic creatives. People love seeing things they hold close to them in large print, especially themselves, so, if you haven’t already, consider how printing can increase your business and place you with an advantage above your competition.

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