We all know what a black list is.  That list of people you have worked with but would never work with again no matter the dollar amount offered. Yes it is okay to have one. Here’s why…

As professionals we first need to understand our worth. Knowing our limits is essential to our craft and betterment. Recognizing that moment when the project conflicts with your values, or, more specifically in this case, recognizing when working with this client conflicts with your values can make or break your sanity. Some jobs are just not worth the mental anguish. You will be extremely relieved not having that monkey on your back and can move forward towards other projects that actually provide creative and financial satisfaction. This is exactly why it is important to have the blacklist. Through time, the number of clients you gain may make it harder for you to remember just how aggravating a particular client was. Enter your blacklist here. A mere reference to jolt your memory of Lucifer’s spawn, the dragon in the maiden’s skin, Ursula with Ariel’s voice… you get my point… Maybe you have your clients labeled with a star ranking or maybe you use smiley emoticons, anything that best helps you avoid another trip down the fiery cobblestone road. It is also a great reference for when you need to list referrals. The last thing you want to do is accidentally provide the equivalent of the movie mother-in-law and risk acquiring an awesome job. Even if your blacklist is all mental to avoid someone stumbling upon it, remember to be clear of who is on your blacklist and most importantly why. The “why” will signify if the monetary compensation is worth some minor hassle or if you need to high-tale it in the opposite direction as you give a polite decline to the project.

Have you created your blacklist yet? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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