The triangle of success consists of quality, persistence, and contacts. All 3 are required for a fruitful business.

Quality: Providing the best service/product
Persistence: Consistently making that service/product known to the public
Contacts: The abundance of people you can reach to tell about the service/product, who are also potential buyers

Having two is awesome, but you’ll be selling yourself short without the third.
Having quality and persistence is great, but without the contacts to utilize to spread the word about your service/product you’ll be in a hamster wheel, moving fast but going nowhere.
Having quality and contacts without persistence is the epitome of lazy. You have it all and won’t make the step of simply putting your service/product in the faces of your contacts who are starving for your quality…
Persistence and contacts without quality is what leads to most “15 minutes of fame” cases. There’s a great hype persistently spread throughout the nation of contacts but eventually everyone realizes there isn’t any substantial quality and the service/product (or person) is quickly forgotten. People remember and respect quality forever.

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