I was participating in an awesome facebook group when the question was asked, how often do we archive our work? It reminded me of the desktop I was using — may it R.I.P. — and how I almost lost ALL of my work when it crashed…the first time. Luckily back then I was obsessed with backing up my information on CDs and didn’t really lose much. I had a few minor scares up until it completely conked out, but I after the first near death experience I purchased an external hard drive and constantly backed up my information.

These lessons aided me in realizing the value of our work, and we must take the time to respect it both old and new.  A safe deposit box or a fire-proof safe box can save us headaches and safeguard our memories especially from the early stages of our career where we can go back and reminiscence or pat our selves on the back for making such progression. Make the smart choice and double back up your work!

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