Make it Simple
Any and everything can be broken down into it’s simplest form. Whether it’s your website, how your clients book and pay for your services, your brand development, producing an event, etc, it can be simplified. The key is organizing it on “paper” first using words, pictures or both. Include only the important details and make notations as needed but minimize being redundant and using long explanations. Think of it as Shakespeare for children. Make something seemingly exaggerated and complicated become precise and logical enough for a child to follow.

Don’t Announce It Until It’s Confirmed
Acquiring a large client, purchasing new equipment, developing a game changing product or method? Awesome but don’t share it with the public unless the public’s participation is necessary to completing the action. When you’re in business for yourself, a lot will partially or almost happen. Instead of bragging and then having to swallow your words, it’s better to keep your secret until it comes to fruition. Let’s say you announce you received a grant for $20K but it wasn’t official and you ended up with a grant for $2K. Instead of everyone rejoicing your $2K grant they’ll be focused on why you didn’t receive the $20K grant…

Practice Patience
It never happens overnight. For some it happens rapidly, but never overnight. Quality, persistence, and contacts always push the process along, but you must be patient until your time comes. Set goals and steps to achieve those goals. Notate your accomplishments instead of envying the next person’s position; study what they’ve done right and wrong and learn from their journey.

Dominate Budgeting
You must invest in yourself and your craft. You can’t successfully do this without creating a budget. Create a list of necessities and then a list of wants, make a column for how much each costs. Budget the necessities into your income first. Use them to increase your income to THEN budget in the things you want. Be sure to also set aside money on a schedule for savings to purchase a big ticket item or just for a rainy day. It can be with every paycheck if you are paid periodically, like every 2 weeks, or set aside a goal amount monthly to place somewhere safe, like under your mattress 🙂

Master Your Craft
This is truly self explanatory. Know as much about your craft as possible to be able to handle just about anything. Go to workshops and seminars, drain the internet, join forums and groups – any and everything to learn as much as possible!

Go forth and be successful!

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