Valarie Bisharat (Referred Client):
“I’ve hired Nay on multiple occasions, because one of her greatest strengths is her ability to listen to my ideas, then use her innate creativity to bring them to a higher level. She’s also prompt, reliable and fun to be around. If you choose to work with her, you’ll walk away feeling inspired and with some powerful images to show for the experience.”

Swann Cardot:
LOVE IT! You rock Nay! Thank you.

Tobi & Farina (visiting NYC from Germany):
Nay did a really job, we had a nice atmosphere and felt very comfortable to work with her, she had great ideas and reacted very professional on interruptions of our planed locations, she found awesome alternatives and the edited photos looked awesome. Looking forward to work again with you Nay.

Ashley Amrull (Referred Client):
I love every single one of these images! Thanks Nay, you’re awesome at what you do!

Zenitra & Damon Barrett:
The photos came out ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. We absolutely LOVE the pics.  They came out even better than we could have ever imagined. Thanks again for everything and we will definitely link up again soon!

Grisselle & Patrick Eustache (Referred Client):
We had such a great time working with you! Thank you for making us feel comfortable! The pictures came out great, we had trouble narrowing it down! Thanks again for your patience and professionalism!! I’ll be sure to refer you to anyone looking for a photographer!

Mike Ryan
NayMarie was excellent – on time, very patient with ten 16yr old girls.. Picked nice nice backdrops at the 4 season Hotel and Tao Restaurant.

Angelina Reyes
[NayMarie] was great. And do to the fact that it was cold outside the shoot was pretty short. She got so many great shots in a little time… Evan loves his pics and song choice. Every time I play it for him, he smiles at himself and starts dancing. Sometimes even sings.

Caine Ruckstuhl, Editor of Glamfreak Magazine
Nay is always a pleasure to work with. She is an incredibly talented and detail oriented photographer. We featured her Creme Latte editorial in the first issue of Glamfreak Magazine Spring/Summer 2012 and it received raving reviews. I highly recommend Nay for any photography project.

Ty Freeman
“Girl, this was so difficult! Just so you know I want to order them ALL!! The photos just came out so well! Thank you so much you were great!

Sims Family Christmas '12 | © NayMarie Photography | www.NayMarie.com

A. Marie S.:
An amazing photographer, very professional and people friendly, she takes incredible photographs. She arrived at the event on time and stayed throughout capturing amazing pictures while being unobtrusive. She provided us with pictures that we will cherish for a lifetime. Will definitely hire her again!

Keli McCain:
I recommend Nay’s services because she was a joy to work with and I was very pleased with the level of service she provided. I also appreciated the value of her services, because she showcased her creativity and photography skills by capturing timeless family photos for me.

Greg Gibbs; Owner of SK Bowlerz (Referred Client):

SK Bowlerz Team Members:
William Keeby – “The moment I heard your name… I looked you up on facebook… then went to your website to look at your work and was blown away by what I was looking at… was wondering how you were going to make bowling and bowlers look as good as the work I was looking at… you have exceeded my expectations and then some… I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you… SK ALL DAY.”
Nette Shaw – “Nay has proven herself to be both professional and down to earth. You don’t even realize she’s photographing you at times which is great at some events and for those who really don’t like to be photographed (or so they think…lol).”
Carl Slater – “Your work is truly amazing NayMarie. We are so lucky to have you apart of our team. You have definitely helped shape the image of SK. We couldn’t ask for more from all of the images you’ve taken. Truly amazing indeed.”
Derrick Brown – “NayMarie, NayMarie, NayMarie great job you have done making some of the bowlers look much better than they really do. You have definitely gone far and beyond my expectations with your magic camera. I would name some of the people but we are not in the streets, so I will just say keep up the great work.”
George Hardeman – “Not only does [Nay] do great work but we look forward to seeing her at all the SK Events… She is definitely part of the family!!!
Jamarva Norman – “You are awesome at taking pics, I can’t wait to see how I look. I probably become a model lol, but GREAT JOB KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.”
Jeffrey Benton – “I agree with Nette, if you were not looking you wouldn’t know [Nay] was even there taking great pictures. Also don’t forget how crazy we (SK) can get in the bowling alley, but she never fails to organize us into the best looking group in the UBA! SK photographer all day.”
Kareem Torch Atkins – “[Nay] has taken some great photos of us all. I had the one she took of me up for a long time as my profile pic. Love her work.”
Mike Karr – “You did an excellent job at the SK Cup.”
Reynold Brown Jr –  “[Nay] did a hell of a job.
Ric Cash – “Great shooting.”
Robert Huryn – “Welcome Ms Nay… You do a spectacular job when taking pics of SK bowling… keep up the great work…”
Roz Holmes – “[Nay] does great work, I am very photogenic in her pictures.”
Tony Brown – “It is soo cool how Nay hid behind the pole at V&S taking pics and no one really noticed her until she moved closer… lol.”
Vahn Fritch-Myers – “Nay great job with all the photos taken. You managed to capture all of the money shots. The laughs, the pouts, the artistic aspect of bowling. Shedding light on all the best features that SK and its members stand for………. brava.”
Young Norfleet – “Nay Marie, I really appreciate the excellent job she did on taking everyone’s pictures and also capturing all the fun we had at the SK Cup. #teamNayMarie #teamskallday”

Imani Lia Designs:
Nay Marie is a pleasure to work with. She’s about business and gets the job done in an efficient & orderly manner. I have worked with her in various aspects and she always strives for the best on set. Nay Marie is dependable, reliable and a creative genius. She makes the visual dreams you have in mind come to life while adding great creative flair. She’s efficient and great at meeting tight deadlines. I love to work with her every chance I can for my photography and re touching needs I know I will continue to work with her and her team in the future.

Curts Damour:
“Nay Marie’s work is simply awe inspiring, with great attention to detail and a love for her craft she can bring any image to a whole new light. Visit her site and judge for yourself, you’ll see.”

Krystal D. Braden:
“Nay Marie has been over the decade I have known her, one of the most diligent, talented and dedicated professionals in her field.  It is not often where you find true artistry take form and develop into pure love and work intertwined.  If ever in need of services, I do not recommend lightly and highly encourage any person or professional to add Nay Marie to the top of your candidates when choosing.

Bunnie Benton, Founder of Vel-j-re’ Designs:
Nay is a detail-oriented photographer who never loses sight of the objective. She’s prompt, very hard working and produces amazing results. She’s my go-to photographer!!!”

Jason Malone, Founder/Creative Director of Malone Art & Design Group:
Nay captures life and make it into the best visual art you can find. A true artist.

Danielle Greenstein:
“Nay Marie was extremely professional from start to finish. I hired Nay Marie to assist with editing images for my portfolio. She did a fantastic job and kept to the schedule she agreed to. I would highly recommend her to any other professional in need of photo editing services. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Anthony “AntBoogie” Rue, Founder of Urban Dance League & AntBoogieWorld:
Nay is talented and artistic. Super reliable.

Elka Samuels Smith, Owner of Divine Rhythm Productions:
Nay has been completely driven and passionate about her Art and business; traits that always come across in her artistic interpretations, overall dedication in fulfilling requests, and the excellence in quality of her resulting products!

Azenith Bazemore:
“Nay is a one of a kind! Her talent precedes her in every way. The moment your the shutter naps Nay puts you in her zone . Nay’s personality is innovative and awe inspiring. She know how to capture exactly what you are looking for and more. She infuses her talent and creativity onto a blank canvas fit for you personally with each and every shot. Nay is my personal photographer for business, family plus anything and everything else. She is also my sister’s chosen photographer for her modeling portfolio’s. We live in Philadelphia and the trip is always well worth it to be a subject of Nay’s!”

TastyKeish (Keisha Dutes) of TK in the AM:
“Nay is a true professional and a source of a great amount of useful information about photography. She is an asset to her industry.”

Tiffany C. Reid:
“Nay is a creative, focused photographer any talent would love to work with.”

Lavall ChiChester:
“Nay is a gifted Photographer. She has helped me on many projects and has always done a fantastic job. She completes projects on time, always over delivers and is reliable. Nay is very passionate about her craft and stays abreast with latest design techniques and trends which always helps my clients stay fresh and relevant. I plan on working with her well into the future.”

Andie C. Dorn:
Nay has natural eye for capturing beauty! It matches the spirit of the photographer. She is always pleasant and professional. If you need to document a special moment in your life or enhance your business’ appearance, Nay is the way to go!

Novel Idea:
Nay Marie’s work sets a standard for photography and retouching. Her energy and professionalism make for an exceptionally rewarding experience.”

Gwen Lymon:
Nay Marie is a creative photographer who takes wonderful pictures and provides dependable service at a great price. I highly recommend her.

Jay Summerz:
One of the dopest & comfortable shoots I’ve done. Let’s do it again. Leggo.

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