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The Master Pioneer Award

You received a teaser of what The Master Pioneer Award Ceremony was going to be about when you saw photos from the Masters Brunch (if you’re slipping in your pimping, view them at http://naymarie.com/photography/mastersbrunch). The wait […]

The Masters Brunch 2013

As a prelude to the The Master Pioneer Awards, on August 24th, beautiful Master Natural Hair Stylists broke bread with Natural Hair Bloggers to share experiences and visions for the future. As expected, there were laughs […]

Kickin It With the Kinks

Kickin It With the Kinks was a documentary viewing of the film by the same title and a discussion panel curated by Sakeenah Kinard of Nu Ade at The Dwyer Cultural Center in Harlem, NY on April 21st! The event showed the documentary followed by a soulgasm performance from the beautiful Amma Whatt and an amazingly informative panel featuring stylists Debra Hare-Bey of Oh My Heavenly Hair, Lurie Favors of Afro State of Mind, Maria Thompson of Twist & Curves Salon, Hadiiya Barbel of Hadiiya Barbel Collection, Ebony Tyne of Locks Of Nu Natural Hair Spa, Orin Saunders of Locks and Chops Hair Salon, and Mireille Liong of Going-Natural.com.

Click play and then press the bottom in the top right corner to view photos from the event in full screen! More information on the film can be found below the images!

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