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Tidbit Tuesday: 25 Creative & Angled Hair Cuts!

My knees become weak every time I see a perfectly angled hair cut, heaven forbid there’s some crazy color added… “I’m coming Elizabeth!” I’ve collected some edgy and angular cuts that are sure to make you drool. Be inspired! 😉

I love to see how creative the stylists are with razors, scissors, and color applications. Check out the flawlessly blended colors, razor sharp cuts, and creation of depth with layers! Which one is your favorite?

Tidbit Tuesday: Photo Licensing Debunked

“Images are the intellectual property of the creator, but for that property to generate income, photographers have to know their production costs, the value of their work, and the value of the usage their client is licensing.”

Most photographers view photography as the art form it is. Those of us who aim to make a living on our art must know the business side of photography as well. This includes licensing our work to our clients for their usage. The 3 broad categories are:
Commercial – photography that is used to sell or promote a product, service, or idea
Editorial – photography used for educational or journalistic purposes
Retail – photography commissioned or purchased for personal use

Tidbit Tuesday: 25 Phenomenal Special Effects Makeup Jobs/FACE OFF

So the SyFy channel is giving me a super dope birthday present… the return of Face Off on August 13th! I absolutely love this show! I love mystical creatures, aliens, monsters, fairy tales, all of it. I especially love when they have human characteristics, dramatic wardrobe, and/or dope prosthetic. Hence why this show is ridiculously inspiring! 😉

I love to see how creative the makeup artists are with molds and sculpting, designs and colors. Check out some of my Face Off favs, a few of my own works, and some more famous and notable creations. I live for both the elegant and beautiful as well as the angry and monstrous! Which one is your favorite?

Tidbit Tuesday: 30 Creative & Shaped Afros!

From perfectly round to abstract and angled, the shaped ‘fro is always a show stopper! I’ve pooled some edgy avant garde with cool classics and even threw in a few celebs sporting their afros with style. Be inspired! 😉

I love to see how creative the stylists are with razors and scissors just as much as I love a perfectly round short or long fro. Check out the shapes as well as the old school shots! So much creativity, history and culture, these were a joy to search for… I live for beauty with flare! Which one is your favorite?

Tidbit Tuesday: Don’t Insult Your Brand

If I had $1 for every great artist I’ve seen with horrible branding tools, I could put down a sizable amount on a condo… Business cards formatted for hedge fudge executives – black or blue Times New Roman text centered on a matte white or cream 3.5×2″ card. Websites designed using Wix. Logos that appear to have been cut and pasted in an “editing” program like Paint. Photos taken with blurry/grainy camera phones, regular point and shoots, or dSLRs on A (Automatic) or P (Program). Advertisements and flyers with zero sense of composition and so many fonts and colors it looks like a typography and crayola orgy. You’ve seen them too… maybe in your own branding… Here are a few tips to streamline and organize your look to attract your target market!

Tidbit Tuesday: 25 Creative & Killer Shoes!

It is no secret that I am a shoe whore (apparent by my second blog entry: http://naymarie.com/photography/shoe-therapy-i-the-higher-the-better), but I don’t get hot and steamy just for any ole heel. I’m attracted to unique construction. The architecture, the color coordination, the material texture… all bound into wearable artistry.

This month’s post is focused less on the imagery (unlike http://naymarie.com/photography/tidbittuesdaywhitequeen), and more on the design of the shoe. Let your imagination climax just envisioning how these gems would look featured in your photos – or hell, on your feet lol. There’s a cute surprise at the end too. The last image made me gag with possibilities, then I was furious that I never thought of it *le sigh*… there’s definitely a bright side 😉

Always open to requests for future posts! Enjoy!