I am a F.A.C.E. Coach, Creative Director, and Producer residing in New York City.  I am also on faculty at The Ailey Extension and Steps on Broadway dance studios. I am the former director of Amateur Night at the world famous Apollo Theater. I work with entertainment celebrities and have spent multiple decades in the entertainment business providing high-level creative services.  It is my pleasure to write about photographer and friend Nay Marie. Nay has provided photography services for my company E.D. Entertainment as well as me personally for the last seven years. She goes the extra mile in capturing her subjects. She is professional, loyal and committed to providing quality service. I look forward to continuing my work with Nay. Her commitment to her work, clients, community and ethnocentric pride inspire me and motivate me to remain her client for years to come. I’ve watched her build her companies from the ground up and have high hopes for even more. Nay will always be my number one choice.

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